Pumpkin Guts Challenge

Pumpkin Guts Challenge

Haunt News Network is asking a tough question this Halloween season: Do you have the guts to stand up for your friends and peers?

Their question has turned into a unifying movement through the haunt community an beyond. Join in on the fun and challenge your friends to spill their guts while showing support for the Don’t Be A Monster Bullying Prevention Program.

The challenge is meant to bring awareness to the prevalence of bullying throughout the US as well as to the Don’t Be A Monster bullying prevention program. Your friends will empty a pumpkin over their heads, then challenge you to do the same within 48 hours. Keep it going – challenge somebody else!

While the Pumpkin Guts Challenge is certainly meant to entertain, we want to be sure that individuals don’t lose sight of its purpose. On top of completing the challenge itself, we have another challenge for you: Donate to the Don’t Be A Monster program. Your donation will allow DBAM to continue to visit more students and schools throughout the US to talk with them about ways to address issues of bullying in their schools.

Don't Be A Monster Bullying Prevention Program