This Fog Consumes Me: an Intro to Paranormal Investigation

  • Posted by Gina Passante
  • Posted in HNN News
  • Posted : May 1st, 2017

I know what you’re thinking… Paranormal Investigation: made up ghost stories, right? Not in my line of work. Let me tell you about one of our more memorable cases and let you decide.

As professionals, our cases are private, so I won’t go into too many specifics about the individuals and homes involved, but here’s the gist of this case. A few years ago, a man contacted us about his home in Corder Missouri. After some mysterious events at the house, the homeowner began to fear his house may, in fact, be haunted. He provided us with some of the evidence he had collected, and asked us to look into his case, looking for reassurance that he wasn’t just “going crazy” (believe me, we get that a lot).

Client Claims

Before accepting the case, we carefully reviewed the potential client’s claims to determine if it merited personal investigation. For example, the homeowner described one experience where he felt had been pushed and scratched by something — or someone — unseen. Along with this, he noted a burning sensation on his back. This was the photo taken just after the incident.

A closeup of the wounds the client received.

The prospective client also told us that he always kept the back door to his home locked, yet, inexplicably, he had seen it open and close multiple times, seemingly on its own. Concerned, he set up a camera to attempt to capture the phenomenon on video. Once we saw that video ourselves, our team was convinced to pack up our gear and embark on the three hour journey west from St. Louis to start our paranormal investigation.

The Paranormal Investigation Begins

With a presumed “haunted” location, we use several investigation procedures, including metaphysical techniques, top quality paranormal investigation equipment, and sometimes just raw instinct. One piece of paranormal investigation gear we use frequently in the field is called an Electronic Voice Phenomena recorder, or EVP recorder for short. Using this tool, we can capture the audio of paranormal sounds and voices that have no other explanation for existing–queue the spooky music. When we can hear disembodied voices from no one in the room, it could be the manifestation of a spirit trying to communicate.

On this particular paranormal investigation, the majority of the paranormal evidence we recorded was with the EVP. One EVP recording we collected that night was particularly haunting. Early on in the investigation, the homeowner who contacted us told us he had witnessed a white mist flowing in his dining area on two separate occasions. So when we heard a disembodied voice whisper, “This Fog Consumes Me,” we all felt there was definitely something worth investigating more.

If you’re interested in learning more about this case, you can find it in the evidence section of our website,